Dualism (1993) · 9 min

for two flutes, two contrabasses, percussion, Yamaha SY99, and real-time signal processing

2 flutes, 2 contrabasses, 2 percussionists, Yamaha SY99, Mac laptop running Max/MSP

Program Note

Dualism was an important work in my life as it preceded my orchestral composition Legerdemain for orchestra and live electronics, which would exploit the technologies that I explored in detail in this work. In particular, I had developed a Max patch where the key velocity of the keyboard soloist’s performance on the Yamaha SY99 would control in real-time both the delay lengths of signals picked up by miked flutes and basses connected to a Yamaha SPX90 Multi Effects Processor, and the relationship between the coarse and fine frequencies of oscillators used within the algorithms of SY99 timbres. The net effect is a continually changing spatial environment, and a constantly mutating sonic palette from the SY99 that moves among harmonic and inharmonic spectra. 

     – Anthony Paul De Ritis

Dualism was premiered by Susan Lim and Cynthia Shaff, flutes, Eric Cosgrove and Ed Gnekow, contrabasses, Ivan de Souza and Jung-Ho Pak, percussion, and directed by Anthony De Ritis, University of California, Berkeley, Hertz Hall, Berkeley, CA on April 28, 1993.

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