CCM Grand Forum


On November 10, 2022 (November 9th Boston time) I delivered a lecture at the request of the China Conservatory of Music and its “CCM Grand Forum” on the topic of “Music Criticism in Practice: Preparation, Performance, Publishing.” In order to fill in the gaps in my depth of expertise on this topic, I invited my friend and mentor, Kyle Gann, to join me in this lecture. Gann, the new music critic of New York City’s Village Voice from 1986 to 2005, is also the author of seven books — his participation really gave this lecture substance and authenticity. In addition, towards my preparation of this lecture, I also interviewed Robert Kirzinger, Director of Program Publications at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The lecture was delivered via Tencent Meeting.


The lecture “Music Criticism in Practice: Preparation, Performance, Publishing,” presented by composer and music technologist, Anthony Paul De Ritis (芮笛诗); and composer, author, and music critic Kyle Gann, will offer several perspectives on defining music criticism with particular emphasis on what is required to write a meaningful piece of music criticism (music review) in the context of contemporary classical music.  Topics to be covered include: musical aesthetics; How to prepare for a music review (i.e., what should you do before the concert event?); What kind of notes should you take during the event (i.e., What notes should you take? What should you look (and listen) for?; and How to write an impactful music review that leaves a lasting impression (i.e., what are the important components of a written review that is honest, unbiased, and balances objective and subjective points of view?) Time permitting, we will do a case study where together we review a piece of “new” music in an environment that engages students in dialogue and meaningful audience interaction.


Guest Lecturer


November 10, 2022